Today's Pacific Belt Rail System is the combination of several railroads which have been merged together to create a strategic alliance, and strong rail network that spans the North American landscape. The Pacific Belt Rail System is a combination of the Chicago Kansas & Pacific Railway, Chicago Pacific Coast Railroad, Gulf Coast Western Railroad and Arizona Western Mexico Railroad. Several smaller railroads are also included within the Pacific Belt Rail System, including the Chicago & Southern Indiana, Denver & Gulf Coast, Great Lakes Railway, Pacific Belt Terminal Railroad, and Seattle Tacoma & Pacific.

As a part of Pacific Belt System Incorporated, the Pacific Belt Rail System is a major part of North America's leading transportation company. Combined with Pacific Locomotive Leasing, Pacific Railcar Leasing, Cascade Rebuild Center, Pacific Logistics, Western Fruit Express, and Western Coal and Pipelines Ltd., the Pacific Belt System is North America's first choice for integrated logistics solutions.

Pacific Belt Rail System has a rich heritage which we are proud to build upon. Today's innovations are inspired by the great achievements which our predecessor companies have accomplished throughout their illustrious existence. As a tribute to the great railroads that make up today's Pacific Belt Rail System, a series of the railroad's newest locomotives have been painted in heritage paint schemes to honor the history of the railroad.

Arizona & Western Mexico

Chicago Kansas & Pacific

CKP EMD GP35 #2500

PBRS EMD SD70ACe #9190

Chicago Pacific Coast

CPC EMD GP38-2 #2000

PBRS EMD SD70ACe #9191

Chicago & Southern Indiana

CSI EMD SD24 #2400

PBRS EMD SD70ACe #9192

Denver & Gulf Coast

DGC EMD SD45 #950

PBRS EMD SD70ACe #9194

Great Lakes Railway

GLR EMD GP40 #4000

PBRS EMD SD70ACe #9195

Gulf Coast & Western

GCWR EMD GP30 #2250

PBRS EMD SD70ACe #9193

Kansas Oklahoma & San Francisco

KOSF GE U30B #300

PBRS EMD SD70ACe #9196

Seattle Tacoma & Pacific

STP EMD GP38-2 #3800

PBRS EMD SD70ACe #9197